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Date:2006-09-07 19:11
Subject:Books Needed!

I'm taking THEA2900: Dramaturgy with David Nicol *smiles*. This course seems to be... different and the syllabus is strange, but I know in the past that Dr. O taught it so maybe you all won't be able to help me here...

I need these books, more specifically the edition and years it's asking for:

...and if you DON'T have these editions, can you tell me if you're willing to sell these if you have them anyway? Also can you guys tell me what the *Dramaturgy Experience* was like for you? 

This syllabus is set up weird... first semester we're reading all these texts from a Historical perspective, then from a modern perspective. Then next semester we're doing a lot of assignments and don't even need the books anymore! Anyway, give me what you got! Thanks!

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Date:2005-09-09 20:23
Subject:Book- Looking

I am enrolled in Theatre 1000 and am hoping that someone here is willing to sell one or a few of these texts for the course:

1. Worthen, W.B., ed. Wadsworth Anthology of Drama

2. Jarry, Alfred. Ubu Roi

3. Ionesco, Eugene. Rhinoceros.

4. Beckett, Samuel. Waiting for Godot

5. Vega, Lope de. Fuente Ovejuna

It seems as if numbers 1 and 3 are a priority right now. If anyone can help out or lead me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. www.tigerbooks.ca seems quite useless when looking up for Theatre books and it seems the way through the Dal e-mail section.

For Theatre 1000 I have Dragana Varagic as a professor and for Theatre 2011/ 12 I have David Nicol. Any thoughts about these profs, any hints as to what they prefer in a paper, etc?

I ask a lot. I’m greedy and apologize.

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Date:2005-08-20 13:57
Subject:Fringe Festival

Come see "The Closed Door with Taz Anderson" presented by Uses for Gooses Theatre. Written and directed by Luke Brown.
Starring: Brian MacQuarrie, Kat MacCormack and Maureen Armour

Fri. Sept. 2nd - 10:30 pm
Sat. Sept. 3rd - 5:15 pm
Sun. Sept. 4th - 8:30 pm
Mon. Sept. 5th - 2:30 pm
Sat. Sept. 10th - 10:30 pm
Sun. Sept. 11th - 4:30 pm

All performances will take place in The Sudio Theatre at Neptune Theatre.
This show is not suitable for younger audiences... so please do not
bring children... first three rows will be sprayed with blood (just

Admission is only $6!!!!


promotional photos!Collapse )

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Date:2005-06-18 15:27

Hey there.

I found this community randomly surfing through livejournal and was plesantly surprised. I'm Victoria, and not yet (but hopefully someday) am I a acting student at Dalhousie. I'm just moving into my last year of high school right now. I've been interested in Dal for a long time, because it's close to home, and I know some people who have gone through the program and said it was great. I've been dedicated to theatre for the past two years of my life and I'm very active at Neptune Theatre School. I guess I had a few questions about requirements and so forth because the Dal website is a bitch to navigate. Does anyone know how many are accepted into the program each year and so forth? If anyone could ladle out a bit of backgroud info it would be greatly appriciated!


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Date:2005-07-05 01:39
Subject:forwarded e-mail...

Hi all. Dunno who still reads this thing, if at all.

Some of you may know this, some may not. Here it is:
To the graduating class:

I am thrilled to be able to inform you that we have just managed to secure the rights for Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann's Urinetown: The Musical. This 1999 play was first seen at the New York International Fringe Festival and was then produced both off and on Broadway. Recently, the Toronto production of this musical was nominated for 10 Dora Awards, the most of any show this year, and you can imagine that we couldn't believe our luck when the rights for the play were suddenly made available.

As you all know, the final production of DalTheatre’s 2005/6 season was supposed to be Hair, directed by Patrick Christopher. Because of Patrick's early retirement from the Department, we had to make the necessary changes to our selection of plays and forego the usual consultative process with the graduating-year students. I hope that you won’t have any objections to learn in this manner that we decided to replace Hair with Urinetown. I'm also very pleased to tell you that Dr. David Overton has agreed to direct the DalTheatre's production of this exciting play.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and a successful final year of your degree.

Jure Gantar, Chair

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Date:2005-07-18 12:27

Patrick Christopher Carter passed away last night. Just a heads up to any of those who would like to pay their respects, keep an eye on the papers for memorial times.

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Date:2005-07-18 19:44

Just to keep everybody up to date...

Patrick had a stroke today and died.

I don't really know how to put that in a "nice or sentimental way", but I figured some of y'alls would want to know that.

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Date:2005-06-02 01:41
Subject:For Former Theatre2000 Students of This Year...
Mood: weird

Hey guys!

I know there are a few of you in this community that was in my Theatre2000 class this past year, so I have a question for you. Another student in our class needs to know Jennifer's grading scheme. It is known that a portion of it was attendance, another was participation, but what were the other 2 parts for the marking criteria? I advised that I thought the end-of-term project was 30% of our mark and that she deducted 2% of our overall mark for each unexcused/ legit absense. Can anyone break it down a bit more for me so I can relay the information or correct it if I said anything there that was wrong?

Thanks a bunch o' bananas in advance! ;)


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Date:2005-05-06 20:47
Subject:To Sing Or Dance?
Mood: dirty

Alright, I need an opinion here:

For this summer, I am considering taking either singing lessons or dance lessons. I want to do one equally as much as the other, so I'm not sure which would be more beneficial for the Acting Programme. How much of each do they teach in the programme and which skill would be better to have for the audition?

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Date:2005-04-30 12:29


I'm Chris, I just finished Foundation year at King's and plan on doing a Joint Honours in Theatre Studies and History of Science and Technology next year. I'm a KTS kid and have done quite a bit of directing, and some acting but I'm terrible. So yeah, that's my introduction.

Here's a question for everyone:
So they FINALLY forced Patrick Christopher into retirement. Thoughts on this move?

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Date:2005-04-25 11:44
Subject:theatre 1800 grades
Mood: confused

Ok,is anybody else confused by their grades?? It says i got a 44 in the fall and 100 in the winter. I got an 80something in Jennifers class, so did I get 100 in patricks? I have noooo idea whats going on! Ahh!

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Date:2005-04-20 15:31
Mood: anxious

Hey Dal Theatre Geeks and Geekettes!

I'm Angie and I found this community through a WebCT forum post. There's not much to say since I don't know what the goal of this community is, but I'll try!!!!!! Here we go!

This year was my first year at Dalhousie University, though I am technically a King's College student. None of my courses were at King's, but I was considering taking FYP.... that didn't follow through because I wanted the variety of courses that Dal had to offer. So, one course I chose to take was Theatre2000- the first semester was with Patrick Christopher Carter and the second semester was with Jennifer Overton. I found both teachers to be uniquely different from each other, but both have definately taught me things in life (will post later in another post...this one's only an intro, guys!). Next year I plan on taking Theatre1800 and Dramaturgy, then trying out for the acting programme. Was thinking about it this year, but I decided against it because I don't want to be a full-time student next year: I'm going to hide at my little call center to make money so I won't have to scrounge for it like I did this year!

On a REALLY great note, my overall Theatre2000 mark ended up being an A-!!! I was shit-worried because everyone who had Jennifer first semester in 1800 had gotten not-so-dandy grades. With Patrick first semester I had an A, an 87% to be exact, so that means Jennifer probably gave me a B+ which is AWESOME considering I missed more time than I wanted this semester.

That about wraps it up....hope I didn't bore you guys too much. Can't wait to see this community take off! ;)

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